Vampi’s GeoGuessr Tips: Thursday, June 1st, 2017


Random exclamation aside, hey, guys, Vampi here.

So it’s technically the final day of finals where I’m at (mostly cuz I’m exempting the final 2 finals and nobody really does anything, not even the teacher, in the final before), and I’m waiting for my stepdad to be done at senior graduation rehearsal (he’s a teacher), so I’m on the computer playing GeoGuessr. Yes, I’m cheating, but I’m still doing good.

But in any case, I figured people might be having trouble. So I decided to make this tip post for GeoGuessr. And here we go:

Tip #1: STREET SIGNS ARE YOUR FRIEND. I would never have been close to the point total I’m at right now if it weren’t for them.

Tip #2: If you’re in someplace foreign (unlike me, I use the United States map only), Google Translate helps.

Tip #3: If you need help narrowing it down, don’t be afraid to cheat. I really just used the clues I had, put them in a logical order in Google Maps, and boom. Narrowed.

Tip #4: Rapid clicking on an arrow = teleporting. May not get you far unless you do it more.

Tip #5: If you’re in a big city, GeoGuessr will probably blur out the street name. But if you go far enough back and zoom in, you can see the street name from there.

Tip #6: Along with the advice from Tip #5, if you see a business there, do the workings of Tip #3 and search the business name then the street name. (I was doing the popular US Cities map and I got 79.2 meters from where I was. Almost the full 5,000 points.

Tip #7: If you see a billboard with a phone number, if the number goes 3 numbers – 3 numbers – 4 numbers, the first 3 numbers are an area code. Use that to your advantage.

Tip #8: The correct location will always be at the start, so use your flag to send you back and work with the things you’ve gathered already.

(fun fact, I followed all the tips I made, started my 3rd round, and explored around to narrow down, apparently I narrowed down a whole bunch and got a perfect 5000 points)

Tip #9 (large): If you’re a completionist and want to go for a perfect 5000, go to a place that Google Maps actually registers as, set up Street View wherever it is, and teleport back to start on GeoGuessr, then use Streetview to find your way through the streets to the start location.

Tip #10: Zooming out on the large map on Google Maps can help you pinpoint the location on the large map on GeoGuessr easier. (Helped me get my Round 4 perfect 5000 points just now.)


To end the post off, I decided to go completionist and do a perfect run of the US Cities map on GeoGuessr. My list of cities I virtually found (not in order):

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Augusta, Georgia
  3. Columbia, South Carolina
  4. Cleveland, Ohio
  5. Boston, Massachusetts


Now that that’s done, time to go home and do absolutely nothing. Later, GeoGuessrs!

Doing the Impossible: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

btw Grammarly’s goin ham up in here

Hey guys, Vampi here.

So today, I technically did the impossible.

I and my buddy Moedesu were just messing around in Game Programming on Wednesday, and we found a game on Scratch (a program hosting website) that is kind of a mirror of a Japanese game called Touhou- but instead, it was with the enemy sprite replaced with Sans from Undertale, the lasers in the original game turning into bones.

(insert switching to iPad 5 days after the above was written, therefore turning off Grammarly)

Moe and I started playing, and together we made 4 successful clears of the game. That’s when I decided to turn things up a notch: doing the game without using the bombs (which clear out the lasers/bones on the screen).IMG_1467

And surprise, surprise, I did it. Instead of using bombs, I had wasted a life to clear the bones, therefore acting as a makeshift bomb, not an actual bomb.

Afterwards, I decided to heighten the difficulty by a LOT: hitless and bombless. No actual bombs or makeshift bombs.

Moe beforehand decided to tell me one thing: if I did it hitless and bombless, I’d be the first person to do so. I was hyped to do so.


And holy tomato, I did so. But you may ask, Why is the regular score higher than the daily score AND global score? And I’m glad you asked that, because at first I didn’t notice it either. Moe told me about that, so I advanced the text and…


BOOM. BAM. BOP. BADDA BOP BOOMP. POW! Global high score, done!

As for my blogging status, due to the fact that I will have to be giving up my school-issued iPads soon, I’m going to be inactive until the end of school, which will mean, excluding weekends, the next 16 days. I’ll still try to respond to comments, though.

But that’s all I’ve got for now— my jam just came on in Pandora. Later, impossibros!

tfw your mom ruins your life for the next few weeks

tfw when your r button stops working too so you have to close the tab and reopen it

Anyway, hey, guys, Vampi here.

So of course, mom’s on my butt as usual about grades, and she’s all like “vampi y u no get good grades” and I’m spitting out all these accurate reasons that she doesn’t believe. But last night she took it too far.

She’s taking away all my electronic usage at home for good. (Unless I’m using my school iPad for “educational reasons.”) The only reason I got to post this was because I had time during class :V

So yeah. No Discord, no Twitter, no hanging out with any of my friends online until I’m passing all my classes. (Hell, I can’t even work on my Undertale fanfic!) Which may take a while because stupid coding for Computer Science.

I’ll be back soon, though. Meh blogs are important.

But that’s all for now. Later, bloggers. :/


ps i request whoever the most active person on discord is to tell discord user “Boomerang” that Vampi said they’re in charge of RPS until I’m back


pps tfw your stepdad comes into the room even though he has no relations to the teacher of the class you’re in. scared the living hecc outta me

random idea that popped up after the second short post on 5/2/2017, therefore making this the third short post

so i said in the earlier post that i wanted to see how many poptropica fanfics there are on

the answer was 37, which i told fierce flyer due to their district or whatever blocking

so i was thinking, give me a game, anime, or book series name and i’ll see how many stories it has

fun fact: parappa the rapper, one of the cringiest games on PS1, has 90

Cirie: Wednesday, April 26, 2017

One of my favorite TV shows is reluctanty a reality TV show.

Now, for one thing, I hate reality TV shows. But there’s two TV shows that are an exception: Total Drama, which is really a reality TV parody, and my number one favorite live-action TV show…


For Season 34, Survivor brought people from many different Survivor seasons back because of one thing they did: changing the game.

But this episode is different.

Today’s episode, “A Line Drawn In Concrete,” one woman outshined the rest. A woman by the name of Cirie Fields. The first season she participated in, Survivor: Panama, she had joined because she decided to get off the couch and do something. She ended up being 4th place in the season, but she went on to get 3rd place in Survivor: Micronesia and got out as 4th voted out on Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains. She came back as being her 4th season, and she gave viewers hope.

During the reward challenge, Cirie was the last person to fight the obstacle course for Orange, while Blue won the game, getting their reward. But they cheered on Cirie.

Cirie had been exhausted, and she was having trouble getting up on one of the platforms from the water. One of her teammates, Sierra, saw her struggling, and dived in the water and swam over to her to help. This was before Blue won, and Cirie had gotten on the first platform just as Blue won. Turning around, Sierra and just about every player cheered her on, saying things like “You got this, Cirie!” and “Believe in yourself.” She managed to get to the end of the challenge, and all I’m gonna say: it made a man cry.

Originally, Jeff Probst (the host of Survivor) would have made Cirie and her team swim back to the merge camp of Maku Maku by theirselves, but Jeff said “Cirie, I’m not going to make you swim all the way back.” He summoned a boat to bring the whole team back to camp, and later during Tribal Council, they brought up Cirie’s moment, and even she started crying herself.

Cirie has inspired many viewers like she inspired me today. Because one day, you’ll get off that couch or chair or whatever, and you can make a change.

This is Vampi, signing out. Later, survivors!