12 Days of Writermas: Day 3 – Fast Forward

After a few years having to deal with new people in the house trying to stay hidden, Vampi moved out, the Antics team coming with. Once he’d officially moved in and his parents weren’t around, Vampi imagined himself some money to pay for a bigger house, and once he got there, he got the Antics team back to full size.

“Finally,” Arisu groaned. “Being small was tiring.”

“Give him a break, Arisu.” Tech replied. “Having to hide 12 people from everyone you know is a hard job.”

“I can vouch for that.” Alexa added.

“Anyway, should we set up a way to get money, nya?” Nephri asked Vampi.

Vampi thought about it, then came up with a good way. “Alright, I have an idea. Tech, you know a bunch of website that give you money for watching tons of videos, so set up accounts on them and have a program auto-watch videos.”

“On it, my man.”

“TAS, work with Tech on setting up a program for Bitcoin mining.”

TAS gave Vampi a thumbs up.

“Alexa and Arisu, I ran into a good place for you guys to work, called Michi Makers Coffee. They bring a good source of income, see if you can get jobs there; extra points if you tell Michi that Vampi sent you two.”

“Aright, good sir.” Arisu bolted out with Alexa, who was giving directions.

“Itch… Do what it is you do. Nephri, you can go help out at the pet store, but don’t mess with the other pets. Mizana, Taniza, Isaac, you guys can set up a freelancing service. Jenny, Thali, and FortLite, you guys can set up a DJing service. That may get good money.”

Everyone rushed to get their jobs done, while Vampi imagined himself some video games to play.



Meanwhile, at Michi Makers Coffee:

Arisu bolted in, with Alexa being dragged along. A girl with purple hair in a witch hat rushed in. “Woah, woah, where’s the fire, people?”

“We were told to speak to a Michi.” Alexa said, out of breath.

“You’re looking at her. And you two are?”

“I’m Arisukiama Trigan, world-class demon turned nice. My out-of-breath friend here is Alexa.” Arisu replied.

“Our friend… Vampi… sent us… to get jobs…” Alexa panted.

Michi opened her eyes wide. “Vampi sent you two? Man, he must be desperate for money. You guys have the job. Any friend of Vampi’s is a friend of mine. Hey, Luna, get in here!”

A girl with white hair in a Star Butterfly-esque hairstyle walked in. “Yes, m’lady?”

“These two here are new workers. Show them the ropes. I’ve got business to take care of.”

“On it, Sensei.”



12 Days of Writermas: Day 2 – Infinite Possibilities

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The next morning, Vampi woke up to see Arisu, Alexa, Tech, and Thali sleeping on his left, Mizana, Isaac, Nephri, and Taniza sleeping on his right, and Jenny, Fortlite, Itch, and TAS sleeping at the foot of his bed. He reached over to stop his alarm and felt skin instead.

“Don’t worry, Vampi,” Arisu said. “You’re covered.”

Vampi screamed and jumped out of his bed, waking the 12 up, each of them mumbling.

“Holy Lord GabeN… Are you all real?”

Tech looked left and right, then smirked. “As real as you want us to be, beauti-”

Alexa placed her hand over Tech’s mouth. “You tell us. One minute we’re in the group room playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the next we’re in your room while you’re sleeping.”

“My God… Dreams becoming a reality…” Vampi ran out of the room to his living room and closed his eyes, imagining an eyepiece connected to his glasses, and then he opened his eyes to a blue screen in one of his glasses lenses with an anime catgirl on it. “Thank you for choosing CattOS, your friendly source of info on everything everywhere! I’m your AI companion, Sora. Just say my name and I’ll do what you need!” Sora disappeared from the screen.

Vampi turned to see Alexa and Tech staring at the screen. “Coooooool,” the 3 said.

Vampi heard his parents getting out of bed, so he told everyone to hide in his closet until he gave the go-ahead, putting the eyepiece in his pocket.

After his parents went back in their rooms to do whatever it was they did, Vampi gave them a thumbs up. “Alright, how do I bring you lot to school with me?”

Everyone started spouting ideas, but Vampi stopped them when he heard Taniza’s idea.

“Why don’t you use you imagination power to make shrinking potions and have us drink it all?”

“You do have a good idea there. One doesn’t simply walk through the front door of Mordor, after all.”

Vampi created shrinking potions and the 12 drank them, shrinking onto his bed. “You guys may have a bumpy ride, because you guys are going in my backpack.”

The group jumped into a back pocket of Vampi’s backpack, staying silent until they got to Vampi’s school.

12 Days Of Writermas: Day 1 – Beginnings

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Vampi was a 15 year old boy, who loved to play video games, write on his blogs, and really just do anything electronic. Sadly, he had gotten grounded for some odd reason, meaning he couldn’t get on electronics. He had gotten back from visiting his dad, who was diagnosed with cancer, and had sat down on his usual spot on the couch, letting his mind flow.

“Finally you bring us out, nya.”

Vampi turned to see a catgirl beside him, along with 11 others, all fitting into the couch, some even sitting where his backpack rested.

“Well, I had to release the Antics squad at SOME point today, Neph.”

The catgirl, Nephri, was part of a group of people that lived inside Vampi’s imagination, with each holding a different fragment of his traits. To list all 12 members, there was Alexa, who held Vampi’s ignorance; TAS, who held his love for memes; Itch, who held his love for breaking the fourth wall when making stories; Mizana, who held his curiosity; Isaac, who held his OCD; Nephri, who held his persistence; Taniza, who held his sassiness; T3chN3k0/Tech, who held his love for technology; F0r7L173/Fortlite, who held his love for music; Jenny/0b51d14n, who held his love for jokes; Arisukiama/Arisu, who held his love for pranks; and finally Thali, who held his seriousness.

“Well, you usually let us out for something,” Thali said. “What do you need help with?”

Vampi sighed. “I dared myself to go along with a 12 Days of Writermas game during the month of December. Thanks, Elyana.”

“Who’s Elyana, nya?” Nephri asked.

Vampi started to talk, but Alexa interrupted. “Online friend. Blogger. No need for more explanation.”

“Guess you should get to work,” Thali said to Vampi.

“That’s the thing, Thal.” Vampi replied. “I can’t think of much.”

TAS, who was mute, moved his hands around with different handshakes and movements, which he instantly knew was ASL, the language he was learning. TAS signed, “Just use this conversation here as the first topic, lol.”

Vampi smirked. “Good idea.”


Shoutout to Lucky Wing/Elyana for coming up with the idea for 12 Days of Writermas! I’m not gonna be following the Christmas-related prompts like she is, but I’m still doing the 12 days!

Hurricane Harvey & The Impact on Texas: Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Salutations, everyone! Alexa Hattomi here, reporting from school. (Shh! Don’t tell anyone I’m blogging during class!)

Anyway, today’s more of a serious post. It’s about Hurricane Harvey. According to CNN Student News — the reason I made this post, actually — Hurricane Harvey’s settled over the Gulf of Mexico, gathering more rainwater and presuming to make a second trip over Houston and southeast Texas come Wednesday. I actually have a family member in Texas that their house was in the path of the hurricane. Some interesting stories are also around Facebook, too. For example, one of my aunts said something about a somewhat large group of elderly people left in a flooded nursing home in the flood area. (In case you’re worried about them, don’t be. They got rescued sometime afterward.) A kid named Dominic, who was a big fan of Game Theory, died in the Houston Floods, and MatPat, the guy behind GT, decided to remember him via a mention on MatPat’s Twitter.

Not only that, but a few of my favorite charity livestreams are pitching in. Like, for example, Games Done Quick. They usually do a week-long event every summer for Summer Games Done Quick, and every winter for Awesome Games Done Quick. But word got out they’re doing a special stream starting 8PM EDT tonight and ending 8PM EDT on Sunday. Even my favorite single-person livestream, The8BitDrummer, is drumming for charity to help with Hurricane Harvey.  Any help is appreciated, and in my opinion, this is the first time in a long time that the US is helping out. This will make the history books for sure.


But alas, I have no clue as to what else to say. I suggest if you have any spare change, no matter how big, you help out with Hurricane Harvey relief. This has been Alexa Hattomi, signing off!

Sonic and Eggman Q&A Typography

So I know I’m late to this, but I just found a video by YouTuber “Zero Knight”, who made a compilation (with the intro and outro) of the voice actors of Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman getting in character and answering questions sent in by Twitter fans during Sonic’s (and Eggman’s) 25th anniversary. I decided to make a typography, as there are some funny ones here. (Just FYI, S means Sonic spoke, and E means Eggman spoke)



E: “Hello, Twitter! I’m baaaack! Dr. Eggman is here. Didja miss me?”

S: “Not so fast, Eggman.”

E: “What? When’d you get here? You little blue rodent…”

S: “Dude, you can’t just take over my Twitter all by yourself. If you’re going to have a party, at least invite me, it WAS my birthday yesterday.”

E: “And it was MY birthday, too, but nobody remembers poor old Eggman. Oh, no, look how great Sonic is. 25 years, blah blah blah…”

S: “Alright, fine, fine, let’s do this TOGETHER then. Hey, you, here on Twitter, you’ve got Sonic and Eggman here today, so send us your questions.”

E: “Ask us anything! Well, almost anything. Adding pictures of desserts will also help your chances of being picked. Good luck, and tweet to ya soon!”


@assassinscreed on Twitter, the same day as the Q&A, but not in reply: “Happy birthday to our favorite Italian Assassin, who was born today in 1459 – Ezio Auditore da Firenze!”

Sonic and Eggman’s reply:

E: “Dear Assassin’s Creed, hello! It’s me, Dr. Eggman. I found something that belongs to you…”

Ezio (who has the same voice actor as Sonic): “What is this place? Where am I? What are these hard, glowing gemstones?”

E: “That’s right. It’s him! En-zio. Or E-zio, or however you say it.”

Ezio: “My name is Ezio-” (my note: pronounced et-zio)

E: “Nice, nice, nice, anyway, if you want to see him in your world again, send pictures of kittens our way, or we’re keeping him! Thanks.”


Their tweet to the mind behind Sonic, @XavierWoodsPhD:

E: “Dear Xavier Woods, you owe me for that time machine you found. Don’t think I didn’t notice!”

S: “It was just a refrigerator box.”

E: “Quiet, you. I-I-It was a prototype!”

S: “Wait, isn’t that the guy that ate three hot peppers?” (referring to a past tweet where they referenced a link of him eating hot peppers)

E: “I doubt he could do more than 3 anyways because he seems… booty.” (I had no idea what was said lol)


Daniel D. (@imquitegood): Has Sonic 06 finished loading yet? (referring to the long load times of Sonic ’06)

Sonic and Eggman’s reply:

E: “@imquitegood asks “Has Sonic 06 finished loading yet?””

S: “Some people say it’s still loading to this day.”

E: “And here I thought it just never happened.”


SEGA, the company who owns Sonic the Hedgehog, asked: You guys hang out a lot, are you guys actually frenemies?

Sonic and Eggman’s replies:

S: “Ah, what’s this? Oh, it’s a question from SEGA!”

E: “Oh, you mean your agent. I’m not sure I’d open that if I were you…”

S: (reading tweet) “Do you guys hang out a lot, or are you actually frenemies?”

E: “Oh, that’s preposterous, we’re enemies! Mortal enemies! Oh, hey, Sonic, do you want any of the leftover chili dogs, by the way? I’m grabbing one from the fridge.”

S: “Oh, yep, sure, man. Oh, yeah, total mortal enemies, enemies. Thanks, SEGA! Mmm, this is really good.”


@waterwraith2 asked: will you be my date to prom?

The replies:

E: “waterwraith2 asks, “Will you be my date to the prom?””

S: “Haha, nice try, Amy. You even made a fake twitter account with the name Josh to send this? That’s… dedication.”

E: “Don’t worry, though, Josh, I’ve got you covered. Nobody gets left behind.”


(From herein, I’m only adding the tweet if they don’t say it)


S: “Uh, @hypercole64 asks if we’ve ever had a bad time with something called an Undertale?” (A reference in itself, as “Do you want to have a bad time?” is the trademark quote of the character Sans from Undertale) “Well, I’m kind of a pacifist, if you know what I mean. I’d never do something to anger Sans like that, I mean, what kind of monster would you have to be?”

E: “Personally, I’m more of a fan of the Genocide playthrough. Please don’t be mad at me, Toby.” (Referring to Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale)

S: “Well, either way, thanks. You question filled us with determin- wait, can we legally quote that?”


E: “Deus Ex! We were hoping you’d drop by. Sonic, he wants to know how to make Adam go faster. You answer this one?”

S: “What?”

Some character from Deus Ex, I’m guessing, probably the VA of Adam: “I never asked for this.”

E: “Well, I’m certainly not augmented, so this one is all you.”

S: “Okay, let’s see. Uh, listen, Adam, it’s in our nature to want to rise above our limits. You can do that, too. All you have to do is… go fast, heh. Oh, and don’t forget about Knuckles.”


S: “@bugliker asks: “How exactly do I escape from the city?” This one’s easy, man. All you gotta do is follow me, set me free, trust me and we can-”

E: “Destroy the city! Because I’m the Eggman, that’s what I am.”

S: “Eh, what could we say? Sonic Adventure 2 songs are catchy!”


(They got a tweet from the Game Grumps, but I can’t find the tweet, only the reply)

S: “Oh, hey, it’s them. The Game Grumps. I know these guys.”

E: “Ah, yes. I particularly liked the time they played your best game.”

S: “My… best… game?”

E: “You know, the one with the princess and stuff? Truly heartwarming story. You almost won that Oscar.”

S: “Woah, Eggman, listen. Sometimes, you gotta draw a line in the sand, man. You gotta ask yourself, “What am I willing to put up with today?””

E: “Well, clearly not this. Thanks, Grumps!”


S: “Um, Benjamin asks: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”

E: “A good question. Let’s find out. A-one, a-two-HOO, a-three.”

*crunch noise sound effect*

S: “Well, if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a smart doctor.”


S: “@franikku asks, uh-eh-oh, wow, I-I don’t think I can read this.”

(A picture of the tweet was shown on the video, I used Google translate and the result was: “Come on, Eggman, sing the Macarena!”)

E: “Oh, I can. Let’s see.” *he proceeds to grumble and mumble the tune of the Macarena, singing the “Hey, Macarena!” at the end*

S: “Aaaaaiiii!”


S: “@Twitch wants to know, which of us is a better streamer? Psh, I mean, that one’s obviously me.”

E: “What? No way! I’m a hardcore PC gamer, and a way better streamer than you! I have branded peripherals and everything!”

S: “Psh, you’re way too slow! You really think you can handle streaming a MOBA? You probably don’t even know what Kappa is!”

E: “Fine. You know what, I’m gonna go stream with that one competitor that can’t be named.”

S: “Oh, and Twitch, thanks for that birthday video yesterday, by the way. You guys are awesome.”


E: “Oh, here’s one from @SSF1991. He says his fans are frequently telling him to shut up.”

S: “Oh, that’s easy.”

E: “Really?”

S: “Yeah.”

Both, together: “Shut up, Donny!”


E: “@SonicReikai asks, Dear @sonic_hedgehog, please count with me. Sonic Adventure 1, Sonic Adventure 2…”

S: “Oh, that’s easy. Sonic Adventure 1, Sonic Adventure 2…”

Both: “Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3!”


(Then my boy Cobanermani456, the most well-known Sonic fan out there, asked something.)

E: “Cobermani asks, Can we get a Sonic anime from the people who made the Sonic Riders opening movie?”

S: “Oh, that’s a good question, Cobi. I don’t know, but on an unrelated note, did you ever find your dad?”

E: “Listen, tell you what, Cobi, I’m a superb father figure. I’m smart, respectable, a gentleman-”

S: “Psh, hahaha!”

E: “Quiet, you! Anyway, Cobi, just look me up if you ever need fatherly advice. Dr. Eggman has your back.”


E: “0_Shade asks, if Sonic and friends can’t swim, then why doesn’t Eggman build his bases underwater?”

S: “Actually, that’s a really good point, why don’t you build more underwater bases?”

E: “Well, you see-”

S: “I-I mean, it’s always either like an airship, outer space, a volcano.”

E: “The thing is, I-”

S: “You even encased Little Planet in a Death Egg!”

E: “I can’t swim either!” *he starts crying*

S: “Wait, wait, wait, for real? I-I’m sorry man, I didn’t know-”

E: “Ha! Gotcha! I’m just kidding… probably.”


E: “Dear Hulu, nice streaming service you got there. I see you’ve even got Sonic Boom. That’s a great show, but, y’know, I’ve been thinking about expanding my solo career too.”

S: “Psh, haha! What? A show with you as the star?”

E: “Exactly. It’ll be called Eggman Boom. I’ll be the lead, and every episode I’ll beat Sonic, and enjoy as much evil ham as I want.”

S: “That’s about as likely as Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine 2.”

E: “Anyway, just think about it, Hulu. You’re my number one!”


E: “Let’s see. Archie Comics asks, Hey, Eggman, are you ready to get your butt kicked by Sonic and friends on July 6th?”

S: “Hoho, that’s actually a good question. Sonic Mega Drive comes out then. I love me some good comics.”

E: “You’re just happy because of that one artist, what’s his name again?”

S: “Tyson Hess?”

E: “Yeah, sure, Tyson Hess or whatever. He just draws you looking great. But why doesn’t anyone stop to think about ME for a change? I have feelings too, y’know.”

S: “Well, Archie, I think you got your answer. Looking forward to it, guys!”


S: “Here’s one from DaOreoMaissa. Dear Sonic and Eggman, I’m struggling in my classes at the moment. How would you suggest I improve?”

E: “Well, have you tried bribery?”

S: “Eggman, they can’t actually do that- o-ok, listen, you’ve just gotta study and keep practicing. You can do it!”

E: “Or just try bribery. The real world works through manipulation. That’s a lesson school should teach you, too.”

S: “Y-Yeah, let’s just ignore him.”


S: “@TheGustingWind asks, Eggman, why aren’t you in Super Smash Brothers? Don’t you want to fight against Sonic? Actually, yeah, Eggman, why aren’t you in there? It’s pretty fun, y’know.”

E: “Oh, well, that’s easy. I’m just far too powerful.”

S: “W-What?”

E: “No, really, I’m an S-tier character! I’m just impossible to unlock.”

S: “Huh. The more you know!


S: “Oh, here’s a good one. Shinmaru_D asks, If I got a Chaos Emerald, should I give it to Sonic or Eggman?”

E: “Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it? Me, of course! I’ll be totally responsible with it. I certainly won’t use it for any plans to take over the world, destroy nature, or enslave all the living inhabitants of the planet.”

S: “No way, give it to me! I’ll get the rest, 50 rings, and we’ll be able to stop Eggman in his tracks.”

E: “What, you’ll eat the Emerald again, or whatever you do when you transform?”

S: “Y’know, that’s not actually how that works, right?”


(Then the high-quality-rip king, SilvaGunner/GilvaSunner joined in.)

E: “GilvaSunner asks, What’s your favorite high-quality rip?”

S: “Well, let’s take a listen. Uh, are these real?”

E: “Well, it says here he only uploads high-quality rips, so must be.”

S: “Not bad, GilvaSunner. Not bad at all.”


S: “Uh, let’s see here. HyperPotions asks, What do I do if I’m rolling around at the speed of sound but don’t really have places to go?”

E: “Sounds to me like you’ve gotta follow your rainbow. Speaking of, we’ll see you at that party in July.”

S: “Oh, and Crush40 too. Can’t say I’m not excited for that. Please tell me they’ll play Live and Learn.”


E: “vergilspardajr asks, What’s your favorite anime?”

S: “Oh, I like this one.”

E: “Well, let’s see. Lemme just narrow it down here. Unincluding the most recent seasons, since they’re unfinished, it would probably be… Oh, right. Sonic X.”


E: “Kontoekey asks, Dear Dr. Eggman, why do you want to conquer the world? Well, that’s easy. Why do birds fly? Why is water wet? Why do people flock to ice cream trucks in the summer? Because it’s Friday, obviously.”


(Then they decided they were finished, and made an outro.)

S: “Hoo, you know, this is actually pretty fun.”

E: “I know, right?  These social medias are pretty cool, or so the kids tell me.”

S: “Hey, thanks for all your tweets, everyone. We hope you had fun today and enjoyed the responses.”

E: “Well, he does. I hope you all consider how lucrative it is to be an evil genius when you grow up. Just don’t become as good as me or we may have problems.”

S: “Thanks again for all the birthday wishes this week, too.”

E: “And maybe we’ll see you at the party on July 22nd in San Diego.”

S: “Ooh, you mean the party where they’re gonna finally-”

E: “Not yet. Do <I couldn’t tell what he said> mean nothing to you?”

S: “Sorry. heh. Well, until July, then. Thanks, everyone!”

Both: “Until next time!”


And that was the end of the video I watched. Man, that took way too long to type. Anyway, I’m gonna get back to listening to the new Sonic Forces theme while I roleplay on Discord. Later, speedsters!


that moment when you completely forget about the existence of the blog you author

The first alter ego, TheAthenaSpawner (or TAS for short): KEIKO. STOP ROLEPLAYING AND ACTUALLY WORK ON YOUR BLOGS FOR ONCE.

Me: Well, excuse me for my dad being in the dang hospital. I've already had to deal with 3 guest visits at my own house.

The second alter ego, Itch: Oh. Well, deal with that, then come back.

Yep, I got good news and bad news. The bad news: My dad's been in the hospital the past month due to leukemia, a type of cancer. The good news? He's getting discharged from the hospital tomorrow.

But that should explain my unknown leave from this and all my other blogs.

I'll be talking to you guys soon. Later, bloggers!

Vampi’s Perfect GeoGuessrs (Part One)

June 26, 2017

Game 1: (US Cities)

Location 1: Corner of S Exeter Street and Allen Alley, Baltimore, Maryland

Location 2: 950 Telfair Street, Augusta, Georgia

Location 3: 122 S Washington Street, Seattle, Washington

Location 4: 44 W 9th St, Chicago, Illinois

Location 5: Somewhere in Washington DC (hey, I could at least see the Washington Monument from there 😀 )


Game 2: (same map)

Location 1: 950 Telfair Street, Augusta, Georgia (as soon as I saw it: “I WAS LITERALLY JUST THERE!”)

Location 2: 370 W 2nd Street, Austin, Texas (hey, that’s somewhat nearby)

Location 3: 3753 Sheridan Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida (palm trees heyo)

Location 4: 2728 Utah Ave South, Seattle, Washington (I was there when I was doing the tip post)

Location 5: 3211 Commerce Street, Houston, Texas (hey, nice, also somewhat nearby)

Vampi’s GeoGuessr Tips: Thursday, June 1st, 2017


Random exclamation aside, hey, guys, Vampi here.

So it’s technically the final day of finals where I’m at (mostly cuz I’m exempting the final 2 finals and nobody really does anything, not even the teacher, in the final before), and I’m waiting for my stepdad to be done at senior graduation rehearsal (he’s a teacher), so I’m on the computer playing GeoGuessr. Yes, I’m cheating, but I’m still doing good.

But in any case, I figured people might be having trouble. So I decided to make this tip post for GeoGuessr. And here we go:

Tip #1: STREET SIGNS ARE YOUR FRIEND. I would never have been close to the point total I’m at right now if it weren’t for them.

Tip #2: If you’re in someplace foreign (unlike me, I use the United States map only), Google Translate helps.

Tip #3: If you need help narrowing it down, don’t be afraid to cheat. I really just used the clues I had, put them in a logical order in Google Maps, and boom. Narrowed.

Tip #4: Rapid clicking on an arrow = teleporting. May not get you far unless you do it more.

Tip #5: If you’re in a big city, GeoGuessr will probably blur out the street name. But if you go far enough back and zoom in, you can see the street name from there.

Tip #6: Along with the advice from Tip #5, if you see a business there, do the workings of Tip #3 and search the business name then the street name. (I was doing the popular US Cities map and I got 79.2 meters from where I was. Almost the full 5,000 points.

Tip #7: If you see a billboard with a phone number, if the number goes 3 numbers – 3 numbers – 4 numbers, the first 3 numbers are an area code. Use that to your advantage.

Tip #8: The correct location will always be at the start, so use your flag to send you back and work with the things you’ve gathered already.

(fun fact, I followed all the tips I made, started my 3rd round, and explored around to narrow down, apparently I narrowed down a whole bunch and got a perfect 5000 points)

Tip #9 (large): If you’re a completionist and want to go for a perfect 5000, go to a place that Google Maps actually registers as, set up Street View wherever it is, and teleport back to start on GeoGuessr, then use Streetview to find your way through the streets to the start location.

Tip #10: Zooming out on the large map on Google Maps can help you pinpoint the location on the large map on GeoGuessr easier. (Helped me get my Round 4 perfect 5000 points just now.)


To end the post off, I decided to go completionist and do a perfect run of the US Cities map on GeoGuessr. My list of cities I virtually found (not in order):

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Augusta, Georgia
  3. Columbia, South Carolina
  4. Cleveland, Ohio
  5. Boston, Massachusetts


Now that that’s done, time to go home and do absolutely nothing. Later, GeoGuessrs!

Doing the Impossible: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

btw Grammarly’s goin ham up in here

Hey guys, Vampi here.

So today, I technically did the impossible.

I and my buddy Moedesu were just messing around in Game Programming on Wednesday, and we found a game on Scratch (a program hosting website) that is kind of a mirror of a Japanese game called Touhou- but instead, it was with the enemy sprite replaced with Sans from Undertale, the lasers in the original game turning into bones.

(insert switching to iPad 5 days after the above was written, therefore turning off Grammarly)

Moe and I started playing, and together we made 4 successful clears of the game. That’s when I decided to turn things up a notch: doing the game without using the bombs (which clear out the lasers/bones on the screen).IMG_1467

And surprise, surprise, I did it. Instead of using bombs, I had wasted a life to clear the bones, therefore acting as a makeshift bomb, not an actual bomb.

Afterwards, I decided to heighten the difficulty by a LOT: hitless and bombless. No actual bombs or makeshift bombs.

Moe beforehand decided to tell me one thing: if I did it hitless and bombless, I’d be the first person to do so. I was hyped to do so.


And holy tomato, I did so. But you may ask, Why is the regular score higher than the daily score AND global score? And I’m glad you asked that, because at first I didn’t notice it either. Moe told me about that, so I advanced the text and…


BOOM. BAM. BOP. BADDA BOP BOOMP. POW! Global high score, done!

As for my blogging status, due to the fact that I will have to be giving up my school-issued iPads soon, I’m going to be inactive until the end of school, which will mean, excluding weekends, the next 16 days. I’ll still try to respond to comments, though.

But that’s all I’ve got for now— my jam just came on in Pandora. Later, impossibros!

tfw your mom ruins your life for the next few weeks

tfw when your r button stops working too so you have to close the tab and reopen it

Anyway, hey, guys, Vampi here.

So of course, mom’s on my butt as usual about grades, and she’s all like “vampi y u no get good grades” and I’m spitting out all these accurate reasons that she doesn’t believe. But last night she took it too far.

She’s taking away all my electronic usage at home for good. (Unless I’m using my school iPad for “educational reasons.”) The only reason I got to post this was because I had time during class :V

So yeah. No Discord, no Twitter, no hanging out with any of my friends online until I’m passing all my classes. (Hell, I can’t even work on my Undertale fanfic!) Which may take a while because stupid coding for Computer Science.

I’ll be back soon, though. Meh blogs are important.

But that’s all for now. Later, bloggers. :/


ps i request whoever the most active person on discord is to tell discord user “Boomerang” that Vampi said they’re in charge of RPS until I’m back


pps tfw your stepdad comes into the room even though he has no relations to the teacher of the class you’re in. scared the living hecc outta me